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Contemporary Bilingualism...

Contemporary Bilingualism Llanito and Language Policy in Gibraltar: A Study: A mixed methods study into language use among young adults in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. It examines attitudes towards speaking English and Spanish, and includes the first ever data set on the code-switching vernacular: Llanito, exploring the uses and acceptance of Llanito in Gibraltarian society. English is found to be the most appropriate language in all settings and Llanito emerges as the language of choice in social and intimate...

Costus: You are a Star

Costus: You are a Star: Costus: You are a Star is the artistic biography of the Costus duo of Enrique Naya Igueravide (Cadiz, 12th September 1953 - Badalona, 4th May 1989) and Juan Carrero Galofré (Palma de Mallorca, 3rd February 1955 - Sitges, 3rd June 1989). Two artists clearly linked to the pop and neo- gurative art movements of the Eighties and linked to what would later be known as the Movida Madrileña. Their biography is made almost mythical due to the gatherings of artists...

Cultural Representations of...

Cultural Representations of Other-than-Human Nature: Against what one might think, the expression “other-than-human” must not be set against its corresponding “human”. One of the main goals of this collective work is to acknowledge both concepts as part of a harmonic whole integrated in a common environment; that is to say, to suggest the study of the human species in its own environment, looking at how it perceives itself and how it makes visible, imagines and represents other-than-human nature. Specialists...

Five Women Writers, Five...

Five Women Writers, Five Ways of Writing: This e english translation from "Cinco escritoras, cinco escrituras", the opening book of "Letra pequeña" serie which, is available both in printed and digital format. The five works compiled in this book all share elements that are also common to all the female authors studied: the willingness to be and to express oneself, as well as the desire to construct a ‘self’ upon which to base one’s own identity. In this sense, María Teresa León’s observations about her...